Arezzo: Day 14

Arezzo: Day 14

The final day of the PCS program began with many people getting to the airport extremely early, and others not so early. For me, however, the Extended Stay group left our Rome hotel to go back to Arezzo to lead an English Immersion day camp for local Italian kids. Our train left at 9 am back to Arezzo, where we all enjoyed a nice lunch at Dietro le Quinte (where I got yet another margherita pizza) after we moved our stuff into the monastery, where we would be staying for the next week. We got to enjoy the rest of the day to ourselves, with camp planning going on all day the next day with Charlotte Duclaux, Kirk’s wife.

Living at the monastery, in my opinion, was so much more fun than staying in a hotel in Arezzo, and I could tell that from the first night I stayed at the monastery. I got to see some of my other friends that were staying at the monastery with the Journey To Italy (JTI) program, so that was also fun. Additionally, we were allowed to bring wine back to the monastery and sit in the beautiful garden. I enjoyed that freedom. As I soon discovered, it is hard to beat sipping on a nice, cheap glass of wine with your friends in the middle of Tuscany (pretty casual, isn’t it?). Overall, I am so thankful I was afforded this opportunity to traverse Italy and learn about Italian culture, community service, food, and really old art. To President Boren, Kari, Kirk, Charlotte, Dean Grillot, and all of my PCS class, thank you for making this trip one that I will absolutely, positively, never forget. BOOMER

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